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Frequently Asked Questions

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"I have no idea what size shed I need. Can you help?"

Yes! A sales representative can help you determine the best size for you. Our stores each have a variety of building sizes that you can look at to see just how big or small they really are in person. We recommend making a list of all the items you intend to store inside your new building. You can also mark out a space in your yard and add all the items inside to see how well everything fits inside. Remember to consider any future purchases such as lawn equipment, tools, children's items, toys, bicycles, atv's, pool toys/supplies, and holiday decorations. We also recommend that you consider getting a shed slightly larger than what you initially think you need. Once you have your shed, you may realize you want to put more inside than your originally thought. Many customers come back a year or so later and say they wish they would have gotten a bigger shed!


"What kind of siding is the least/most expensive?"

LP Smart Side is the your least expensive option. Vinyl siding will be just slightly more. LP Board 'N' Batten siding is equal to vinyl siding. Traditional Board 'N' Batten siding is more expensive than Vinyl and LP, but is less expensive than Cedar and Log siding. LP Shiplap siding is equal to Traditional Board 'N' Batten siding. Cedar siding and Log siding will be the most expensive options due to the high level of detail they require. 


"My HOA requires specific colors. Do you have these colors available?"

Yes! You can see all of our color options on our Color Guide. If you don't see the perfect color for you, we can custom order the right color for you in most cases! However this may cost an additional fee. If you have specific color matching needs, we recommend that you bring in a sample/swatch when you visit our store. This will allow you to compare it to our physical color swatches.


"What style will give me the most overhead room?"

If it's overhead room you're looking for, we recommend our Dutch Barns. Because of the roof design, they offer a great deal of room inside. We can even build a loft inside the building for you!


"What size doors does my storage shed come standard with?"

Most storage sheds include a double door standard (or a single door when space is limited). Typically a 6' wide building includes a 36" single door, a 8' wide building includes a 48" double door, a 10' wide building includes a 60" double door, and a 12' or 14' wide building includes a 72" double door.

This may vary in some building styles. For example, cape cod style sheds include a double door and a single door and one-car garages include and overhead door and a single door.

Ask your local store manager about the doors your building includes. Because we manufacture the buildings we sell, you have the ability to customize your new shed or garage with ease!


"I need storage space, but can't spend a lot. Any suggestions?"

At Pine Creek Structures, we pride ourselves in providing quality structures with superior construction. Unlike some of our competitors, our structures are built to last. However, we also offer an economy line called our Madison Series, available in peak, dutch, and mini barn styles. They are ideal for the frugal buyer because they are built more economically. Learn more about the differences between our Heavy Duty and Madison buildings here.


"What is the difference between a 'shed' and a 'garage'?"

Our heavy duty sheds are built for general storage use, while garages are specially designed for heavier items and easy driving in and out.

Sheds usually include a double door standard. Garages include an overhead door and a single door. Our garage doors operate with torsion springs for quiet and smooth operation.

Sheds floors are built with pressure-treated floor joists spaced 16" on center and a 5/8” coated engineered floor sheeting. Garage floors are built with pressure-treated floor joists spaced 12" on center  and 3/4” tongue & groove coated engineered floor sheeting. Garages also include a 6-inch solid reinforcement at the floor framing's impact point at the overhead door. (Garages also have the option to upgrade to 2x8 pressure-treated tongue and groove flooring. We recommend this upgrade in cases where you intend to drive in and out of the garage daily.)

Standard shed sizes range from 6x6 to 14x40. Standard one-car garage sizes range from 12x16 to 14x40 and two-car modular garage sizes range from 20x24 to 24x40.


"Can I change/add ________ on my building?"

Absolutely! Because we build the storage sheds and garages we sell, Pine Creek Structures specializes in custom structures. We offer hundreds of optional upgrades to add to your building, such as:

• Ridge vents and gable end vents
• Cupola and weather vanes
• Extra or larger windows
• Insulated windows
• Concession windows and counters
• Extra or larger doors
• French doors or sliding patio doors
• House doors with house lock set and deadbolt
• Overhead doors with or without windows
• Ramps
• Diamond Tread Plates
• Porches, railing, and composite decking
• Shelving, Lofts, Workbenches, and Pegboard
• Electrical packages and features (lights, receptacles, ceiling fans, baseboard heaters, etc.)
• Interior finishing (in various states and options)

If you don't see the option you desire, just ask! We can often custom design what you are looking for. View some of our most popular options online here!


"I need a Rent To Own or financing option. Is that possible with my building?"

Yes, in most cases. We offer a 36-month Rent To Own program with no credit check. While most structures are eligible for Rent To Own, some are not (including, but not limited to buildings over $9000.00, 2-story buildings, modular buildings, buildings without a floor, and buildings to be used as a residence (cabins)).

We also offer financing programs, including a 120-month, 12.99% financing program. Other financing options may also be available. Financing requires a credit check, but has far fewer limitations to buildings it can be used to pay for. 

Available rent to own and financing programs may vary from store to store.

Learn more about all the retails of our rent to own and financing programs here!


"How does delivery work?"

Pine Creek Structures offers FREE delivery for the first 20 miles from the store where you purchase your building. After the initial 20 miles, we charge a small fee per mile (depending on the width of your building). 

When you place your order, let us know if you're ready for the building right away or not. When your structure is ready, our dispatch department will contact you to set up a delivery date.

Make sure your site is ready for your structure on delivery day. Ensure that adequate access is available to your structure’s site for delivery and that all obstacles (such as fences or tree limbs) has been removed. Check with your local sales manager on the necessary requirements for getting your specific structure to your site. If you are unsure about your site, we can come out to your property to do a site check if necessary. 

Talk to us about any concerns/questions you have about delivery when you place your order. Pine Creek Structures does not prepare sites, however each manager has a list of local contractors to help you in this process. For more site preparation information, visit our Delivery and Site Prep webpage.


"I do not have access for a building to be brought in. Can you build it here?"

Yes, We can build your structure on site! Let us know when you request your quote and we can let you know the price. In some cases, you may actually be able to bring your structure in already built with our Shed Mule. Unlike a traditional truck and trailer delivery, our Shed Mule allows sheds to be moved into tight access areas and across rough or uneven terrain. Learn more about delivery and our Shed Mule here.


"Do I need to do any site preparation?"

Our structures must be placed on a foundation of a minimum of 4 inches of 2B stone. If this minimum requirement is not met, the building’s 6-Year Top To Bottom Warranty is voided. A prepared, level site is the responsibility of the purchaser. Pine Creek Structures does not prepare sites, however each manager has a list of local contractors to help you in this process. For detailed site preparation information, visit our Delivery and Site Prep webpage. Depending on your structure, your local county, township, or municipality may also have site pad or placement requirements.

A prepared site should extend a foot extra on each side of the building (If your shed is 10x12, prepare a 12x14 area). Also make sure the area is truly level, not just to the eye! The pad must be level, square, and without rises or voids over the entire pad. If your shed is not placed on a level site, the doors will not open/close properly. For modular buildings especially, we highly recommend a professionally prepared site for a successful installation.


"Do I need a permit?"

Maybe. Many areas now require permits for an outdoor structure. Your local county, township, or municipality officials can provide you with information regarding any state, county, or township requirements. Many homeowners associations also have size or aesthetic requirements. We are not responsible for making sure that your building meets your local regulations, but will gladly help you design one that meets the requirements you inform us of. Your local store manager can help guide you to your neighborhood's offices for obtaining permits.


"Does my building include a warranty?"

Pine Creek Structures heavy-duty buildings are covered by our 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty. These structures we manufacture are warranted for six years from date of installation against defects in material & workmanship. Pine Creek Structures, Inc. at its option may either repair or replace the defect. Bargain corner structures and clearance models marked as-is do not include this warranty. For our Madison Series buildings, the top-to-bottom warranty is only one year.

Many of our building materials are also covered my additional manufacturer's warranties. Buildings and products sold by Pine Creek Structures, but manufactured by other companies are not covered by our top-to-bottom warranty, but may have their own manufacturer's warranties. Visit our Warranty Info webpage for more specific information on all our warranties.


"Where is your closest store?"

We have locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, from Connecticut to Virginia. Visit our Store Locator to see all our retail stores and preferred dealers and find one near you!